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Winning Florida: How the Bush Team Fought the Battle, by Robert Zelnick

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Award-winning journalist Robert Zelnick gives us an insider's look at the most controversial U.S. presidential election in modern history, detailing both the hard facts and the roller coaster of human emotions experienced on both sides through every dramatic step of the way.

"Bob Zelnick gives us an insider's account of how Jim Baker and his team held Florida for George W. Bush. Rich in detail, legal and political analysis, and humor, Winning Florida is a must read for anyone seeking to understand how the key Bush decisions were really made." — Ted Koppel, ABC News

"An absorbing inside account of how the Bush legal team James Baker put together beat David Boies and the Gore lawyers in Florida. What's fascinating is how much help they got from Boies himself, who made a series of costly miscalculations even as the media were swooning over him." — Brit Hume, Fox News

"Histories of what happened in the famous Florida vote deadlock of 2000 will continue to be written for years to come. To his credit, Bob Zelnick doesn't try to look at everything in that tangled web. What he has done is expertly lay out the legal maneuvering in both the Bush and Gore camp better than anyone else I've read. At the end, I felt as if I understood the briefs completely—without having to endure reading all of them." — John Fund, Wall Street Journal

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