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Rare talent is like a black orchidPainted in every color bright alive …As evidenced in his first compilation of poetry, author Michael JP Williams is not afraid to constantly re-evaluate his life. While drawing on inspiration from traumatic past events as well as biblical themes, Williams illustrates his poignant personal struggle through lyrical verse that poses—and attempts to answer—his many introspective questions.Williams carefully explores the human condition, emotions, and passions that accompanied him on a journey of self-exploration. In Evolution: Mark of Cain, Williams reexamines the biblical tale of Cain and Abel and adds his own creative twist. While wondering if Cain really killed his brother or simply watched him die from cancer, Williams contemplates whether the blame of Cain was justifiable. In Dissolution: Lazarus Arising, Williams speculates why the Savior waited until Lazarus died before performing a miracle. Finally in Revolution: BIB RIB, Williams shares his most revolutionary work that takes a poignant look at life, its beauty, and heartbreak.The poetry in Evolution: Dissolution: Revolution encourages deep reflection on why the past will always have the power to affect the future.
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