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Winner of the Gold ForeWord Book of the Year Award"Simple changes in the way you parent can make a huge difference in your child's confidence, resilience and ability to love. Attached at the Heart is thoroughly loving, compelling and supportive-packed with practical, good-sense advice to help you to strengthen and deepen your child's humanity...every single day." —Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, Creator of the book/DVD, The Happiest Baby on the BlockWhy are there increasing numbers of children experiencing depression, anxiety, aggression and other serious mental, emotional and behavioral problems? Mental health experts agree that this crisis is due largely to their lack of deep connectedness to parents and community. This crucial finding requires a major shift in societal attitudes and our treatment of children. In this book, you’ll learn:Important facts you need to know before and after having your babyStrategies to strengthen the emotional bonds with your childHow to be a more conscious parent with your childrenNew information to help you make informed decisionsHow raising our children with empathy and respect can positively affect societyNo other parenting book is as comprehensive in its scope, from an overview of attachment theory and current child development research to practical strategies for everyday situations. Attached at the Heart is a vital blueprint for change that begins in the home.
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