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In Titanic: Relative Fate we meet Titan’s Sister, the sister ship of the spectacular but doomed passenger liner, the Titanic. Built as a modernized replica of the legendary vessel, Titan’s Sister is a wonder to behold. Yet shipbuilder Abram Harwood begins to question whether there is more than just a physical resemblance between the two ships. Intrepid detective Melika Jones joins the ship’s maiden voyage to investigate the strange accidents involving Titan’s Sister. Titan’s Sister is to set sail on her maiden voyage from a harbor in northern Florida. But just as the ship’s brash young owner begins the sequence to launch, a sudden, unexplainable accident takes the life of one of the crew. Not long afterward, Harwood watches in horror as the dock, on which the massive hull rests, catches fire, turning the area into a raging inferno. Harwood slowly comes to the realization that a chain of unusual and dangerous events has begun that could launch his beautiful new ship straight into a huge disaster!Yet, instead of solving the mystery, Jones and Harwood are faced with a new nightmare once Titan’s Sister is finally at sea, and they begin to wonder if the same fate as the Titanic awaits her.
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