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The Spiritual Journey of Charles Fillmore: Discovering the Power Within

253 pages


The Spiritual Journey of Charles Fillmore sheds new light on the life and work of an important spiritual pioneer. In this landmark new biography, author Neal Vahle uses thorough new research, interviews with those who knew Fillmore, and his intimate familiarity with Fillmore's writings to introduce readers to the intriguing cofounder of the Unity movement. Going well beyond the bounds of standard biography, Vahle's comprehensive treatment also renders the philosophical and spiritual landscape of Fillmore's era in great detail and provides readers with an excellent overview of the metaphysical movement's evolution through time.
While it will serve as an excellent introduction for new students of the New Thought movement, even devoted enthusiasts will discover previously unknown dimensions of Fillmore's teachings in passages drawn from the archives of Unity magazine and other sources. This work, together with Vahle's earlier books Torch-bearer to Light the Way: The Life of Myrtle Fillmore (Open View, 1996) and The Unity Movement: Its Evolution and Spiritual Teaching (Templeton Foundation Press, 2002) establish him as the premier historian of the Unity movement.

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