The Original Energy theory postulates that the Universeis originated from cold, fold, compressed embryonic energyformation; ironically from the no weight, no charge, the tiniestelement, the photon. Through Photongenesis procedure a mutualgeneration between photon and electron, from ultra energeticto less energetic stage, photons and electrons constitute everyexistence, including life inside the universe. Under the guidanceof the Original Energy codes, photons derive, develop, govern,transform and rule the universe. It means the universe did notderive from infinitely hot, dense matter, the primeval atom, afterthe singularity and the Big Bang event. The mass dependentgravitational force is not the primordial force.Proton, neutron and electrons might occupy only 4 % of thevolume of an atom; the rest of it is electromagnetic energy. Matteronly constitutes 4% of the volume of the entire universe; therest is electromagnetic energysphere emanates from de nucleusof every heavenly body and the universe, making it isotropic,homogeneous and stable. Hence, energy is the most importantpart of the universe!As material existence, heavenly bodies, life continually evolves,transforms, vanishes and would be recycled in the universe. Onlythe Original Energy would last forever.If we know the most basic element that constitutes theuniverse we would know the secret of everything. Photogenesisreveals precisely the origin of the universe, the origin of life andthe fate of the universe.
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