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This book will make you think out loud and sometimes laugh.All cultures think alike, but governs a little different through respect, love, and happiness means.In Jamaica, one love or Jah love means true love and at the same time if you feel disrespected you will be annoyed.To every Jamaicans, life and love are everything. Jamaicans love to sing and talk about love. Just listen to the heart thumpin reggae music and you will understand this book. If you love spicy and jerked food then Jamaica is the place to go. You can frolic in the sun and swim in some of the best beaches in the world. After that, sit and chit chat with the natives.Jamaicans have a saying for almost everything they have to say and this book quotes a few of them and at the same time explains them.You will never understand yourself or live happy if all you think about is simple and stupid things. Stress take away all happiness and make you depress. So relax and love life no matter if you are having a bad day. Enjoy every moment of life and in the end you will be free--free as the bird in a tree.Never say to yourself, "I cannot," always say, "I will." Never lie to yourself even when the odds are against you. Live the life that you love and love the life that you live. In Jamaica we say, "Irie Mon."
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In Jamaica We Say

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