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‘Chinese Chess’ is a non-linear, multi-mode thriller about a potential nuclear attack on American soil by a foreign power. Several characters begin their stories independently, and inevitably become woven into each other’s lives through prose, interior monolog, poetry, song lyrics, press clippings, and dreamscapes. Observations, recollections, and intuition shift in a kaleidoscope style. Fanciful, intriguing, sensual, dramatic.Jan Roman is a retired U.S. executive vacationing in Aruba. He begins to have apocalyptic nightmares that culminate in an insight that America may be vulnerable to a nuclear attack. He writes the Pentagon, Homeland Security and the White House and requests to speak to someone to whom he could divulge his insight. No one replies. He then comes up with an idea to write a novel about his insight, but chooses a clever scheme that would warn America without divulging the details of the potential attack to the public and to its enemies.Unbeknownst to him; reality unfolds according to the plot outlined in his book…The story moves between America, Canada, Aruba, Barbados, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Spain, England, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia as part of a global chase and intrigue to discover America’s vulnerability to a nuclear threat.
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Chinese Chess - Joseph Pilarski

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