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In Kissed by an Angel, a young angel named Ken wants to earn his wings, but the Archangel Gabriel tells him that in order to do so he must go down to earth on a mission for the Master. Once there, he learns that in order to earn his wings and get back to Heaven, he must be born into a family of his choosing. Once he has been born into his chosen family, he must live a life of service to his fellow human beings. He chooses a couple who are hiding from the Family in Ohio to be his birth parents. He lives his life and grows to adulthood within his family. Upon finishing his education he travels and falls in love with a woman who is a hit-woman for the Family. This is the same Family from whom his mother and father were hiding. Between the struggle of service to humankind and his love for this woman he finds his true calling.
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ISBN: 9781440146596
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