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Mastering Spanish Irregular Verbs
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Learning verb conjugations and dealing with irregular verbs in the Spanish language is a serious challenge for many English speakers. Dr. Juan M. González, an assistant professor of Spanish at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado, and Dr. Dan Bishop have developed a unique visual framework within which students can more easily learn Spanish verb irregularities. González and Bishop present most verb irregularities as two easily manageable groups of ten simple spelling rules and ten common vowel variations. Conjugation diagrams and charts throughout the text enhance the learning process. Verb lists specify all commonly encountered verbs that exhibit vowel variations. Special attention is also placed on the nineteen truly irregular verbs that depart significantly from these rules. Mastering Spanish Irregular Verbs is an excellent reference volume for Spanish teachers and students alike. The verb classification scheme, visual presentations, and comprehensive verb lists significantly help the reader along the road to Spanish fluency. “Stunningly original and wonderfully realized, this book charts a clear path through the jungle of Spanish irregular verbs. González and Bishop have pioneered an approach that transforms what many students find an impossible task into an intellectual pleasure. As I looked over the charts which provide the center of their approach, I found myself wondering why no one thought of this before.” —Craig Werner, PhD, Chair, Integrated Liberal Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Mastering Spanish Irregular Verbs - Juan M. GonzáLez

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