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Secrets, Greed, and Radio Waves
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In this modern history and fictional account of future life in America, a high school teacher learns a valuable and unforgettable lesson about how greed, secrets, and radio waves can affect a nation’s potential for survival. At the prompting of a curious high school student, Robert Cornell, a social studies teacher caught in the trap of relying on old textbooks to teach his Problems of Democracy class, begins investigating the new tribulations influencing both America and its democratic system. He starts his research at the Centerville Central Library, where he soon discovers articles by Betsy Herron, a newspaper reporter, which detail current energy and environmental problems. Cornell eventually learns several secrets and discovers how radio waves can not only illegally corrupt elections, but also can be a solution to the nation’s energy crisis and the world’s global warming dilemma. Cornell contacts Herron for her input, and she schedules a meeting with two senators firmly embroiled in the battle to solve the country’s energy troubles. With this first step, Herron begins doing her part to assist Cornell in delivering his important message to the world. Only time will tell if a newspaper reporter and a social studies teacher will be able to win the global fight between greed and common sense.
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Secrets, Greed, and Radio Waves - Sidney G. Nelson

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