The Call of the Bell
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When Maryanne moves into her lovingly restored antebellum mansion, she hears a distant, mysterious bell which calls her to meet the ghost of a slave named Marcy who lived there one hundred and fifty years before. Marcy, the ghost, is now seeking revenge for atrocities committed by the original owner. As she settles into the community, Maryanne meets and falls in love with a local attorney, but her relationship becomes fraught with peril when Marcy predicts his imminent death. A tiny dog does his best to lighten the situation and two weddings in the grand old house add a love interest, but a cache of gold, a car bomb, an ancient grave, a kidnapping, a mobster's trial, and the sacrifices made to protect Maryanne keep her and her friends in constant suspense as Marcy's secrets continue to be unveiled.
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