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The 33rd of August
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Bryan Collins has a unique problem: he remembers how the universe began, and he aches for it to end. Other than dying, the only other thing Bryan has much interest in is Eerie Stennis, a golden-haired goddess of music who plays the violin. But Dymi Milton, Eerie’s protégé, wants her teacher all for herself, and she has no trouble noticing the attraction between Bryan and her mentor playing onstage. As Bryan watches Eerie perform, FBI Agent Margaret Adams hauls him out of the concert hall. While the agent has a hard time believing that this man with a short ponytail is a terrorist, that’s what she’s told, and it warrants investigating. Unfortunately for Dymi, and everyone else interested in Eerie, the truth is that the most celebrated violinist in the world is destined to be with Bryan, who has loved her since before she was born. Eerie tries to save Bryan, however, she drives the world to the brink of nuclear war. The fate of everyone is at stake in The 33rd of August.
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The 33rd of August - Lee N. Fields

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