The Gift of Vision: Seeing Beyond the Veil of Time describes Traci Wargo’s amazing experience of true vision.This God-given gift of being able to perceive only the innocence and purity in all things lasted intensely for five full days, gradually lessening over the course of a month. During this experience she was “awakened” out of the dream of time and realized her true identity as spirit, and she remembered God! Traci discusses the illusory world, her true identity as spirit, her miracle of instant healing, God and the ego’s thought system, conviction and thought, and the importance of practicing true forgiveness in order to heal.Traci shares what it was like before, during, and after her experience occurred, in order to show us that ordinary people like herself can absolutely have extraordinary experiences that reveal the truth. Desire is the key, indeed. After God exposed the truth to her, she did her part and exposed it to us. Now she beckons us to open up our hearts and minds to a better way. Traci is a firm believer in the book A Course in Miracles, and she writes that her experience confirmed, in every way imaginable, that what it speaks of—is true.
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