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It’s a joke that’s been around for years. If a man does something wrong, he’s “in the dog house.” But how to get out of the dog house is another problem altogether. Not anymore. Filled with good-natured humor and a lot of old-fashioned fun, American Dog House discloses the reasons and actions that landed you in the dog house in the first place and reveals exactly how to keep yourself out in the future. By reading American Dog House, you’ll learn some time-tested principles necessary to navigate your relationships. But you’ll also discover some great marriage advice from a dog house veteran. For example, the following pointers could save your marriage: •Listen to your wife.•Stop complaining about the past.•Recognize the value of interdependence.Sound easy? It’s not, but it’s well worth the effort. After all, flowers, candy and the occasional evening out can’t fix everything! With this handy treasure trove of advice, you can avoid that smelly dog house (after all, when’s the last time the dog had a bath?) and stay happy, healthy, and comfortable in your own bed!
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ISBN: 9781440148996
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