January 1943, the darkest time for the Allies, Nazis are swarming over Europe and northern Africa. It is Ramadan in Morocco, an exotic land of mystery and strange customs. The souk is bursting with sounds: the chant of beggars crouching in the corners, prayers arising from the mosques, shouts of the merchants, the aphrodisiac persuasion of Arabic music, the haunting wail of the muezzin and the curious cacophony of roaming animals. Casablanca is also full of shadows and much danger as Roosevelt and Churchill gather for a secret conference.Matthew Baldwin, a talented American, bored with bureaucratic work, wants to be part of history. Kate Tyler, a gifted analyst, is assigned to Churchill’s staff. Hitler has dispatched his elite, ruthless spy, Josef Mach, aka Joseph Turnbull, codenamed Cobra, on a murderous mission.Hitler‘s Spy tells of how their lives entwine at the Conference. These characters plus Patton, Eisenhower, Hopkins, Kay Summersby, and Elliott and Franklin Roosevelt Jr come alive in Hitler’s Spy, moving effortlessly from Wyoming to London to Washington to Hitler’s Eagle Nest to Casablanca. And finally to one shocking night where, amid explosions and chaos, in a heart-stopping climax, the unthinkable occurs: assassination!
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