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Keep the Change explains a fictional world where the monetary system has collapsed and the implications are just beginning to materialize. Can we survive? If we do survive, what will our world look like, feel like, etc? Is there something that could take its place? The planet stops dead silent still and waits for direction of how to reshape the new world. The old monetary exchange system refuses to heal, can’t be fixed. In Keep the Change, we follow the stories of Able and Ted through the maze of a new perspective where man and machine become partners in the search and restore or find another solution. The quandary that the collapse of the monetary system creates, mirrors events in today’s world. As the characters converge on an unexpected discovery, the question that must be answered is; will this be the best solution to resolve the global crisis so that all can move ahead or not!
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781440145605
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