Comedy, romance, and adventure collide when germ-phobic film professor B.B. Marlowe comes to the rescue of his brightest student, Denise Brigham, and ends up caught in a treacherous plot involving terrorists and the U.S. government. After Marlowe is caught on video supposedly killing a man, Denise and Marlowe have no choice but to flee Washington D.C. and embark on a voyage fraught with danger and peril. And when Marlowe discovers just what Denise is involved with—her father is a Secret Service agent who has mysteriously disappeared—he realizes his life might very well be on the line.Racing across the country with police and deadly assassins on their tail, it’s only by using their vast knowledge of Hollywood movies that the two are able to remain a step ahead of their pursuers. The journey takes them from a violent confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. to a breathless climax atop the faux Manhattan skyline of the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas, where love may help Marlowe conquer all—if it doesn’t get him killed first.Brimming with suspense and action, Hitchcocked is a non-stop thrill ride from talented Hollywood insiders Hal Spear and Rocco Simonelli.
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