Serenity After Perseverance
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Within our busy lives, it is difficult to accurately express our everyday trials and tribulations. But poet Theresa Criss has the amazing ability to capture the very essence of our daily struggles with a simple, yet profound message.Serenity After Perseverance offers a compilation of life experiences in such a way as to captivate your spirit and your heart. Criss shares her message of peace and determination to help you through the daily challenges of life. With graceful imagery and lyrical prose, she explores human emotion, whether it is triumph, love, loss, despair, or hope. Her poem, "The Rose", explores the beauty of succeeding despite overwhelming obstacles. "My Fallen Sister" mourns the loss of a loved one while "Jan and Wes" celebrates the strength of one couple's marriage through the years.Blessedly free from lofty language and hard-to-understand concepts, this powerful poetry collection speaks to us all. Find your calm after the storm with Serenity After Perseverance.
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ISBN: 9780595619375
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