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Conditions of the Heart
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Conditions of the Heart is an eclectic collection of poems birthed from the soul, spirit and deep emotions of a young woman living the ups and downs of life. Scripted within these covers are poems about: inspiration, frustration, family connections, life lessons, encouragement and love. Each poem is an expressive description of emotions at a specific moment in time. Amazingly, these captured moments appear to connect to the masses.This collection of poems has a way of relating to anyone who loves, hopes or who has survived life’s emotional roller coaster. This is real poetry for real people about real situations. These poems will make you feel as if you are talking with your best girlfriends. Some will make you smile and think “yeah, I’ve been there,” while others will make you sigh and reflect on what life is really about. This collection of poems should be on your reading list and kept on your bookshelf to revisit whenever you need a little inspiration.
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Conditions of the Heart - Patricia Watkins

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