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In the novel The Devil’s Mistress, a successful restaurant owner and a high-powered advertising executive in a passionate relationship are suddenly surrounded by a dangerous triangle comprised of mystery, corruption, and sensuality. Nelson Adams makes very few mistakes when it comes to his business. When he discovers one of his partners is tied to an embezzlement scheme, he has him immediately arrested. Tesa Terrell is in love with both Nelson and her job, serving the creative demands of Fortune 500 clients, but her biological clock is ticking quickly. She is willing to give up a promotion and a promising career to start a family with Nelson, but he is unsure how to balance the demands of a family and his prosperous business. Nelson is vulnerable when the beautiful and irresistible Diana Middleton unexpectedly enters his life with the kind of reputation that causes men to either avoid her or become drawn into her fiery web. From the moment Nelson and Diana meet, his life is thrown into turmoil, fueled by her dubious past and his uncertain future. Meanwhile, Tesa must face her own difficult choices as she witnesses Nelson for the man he is, not the man she wants him to become in The Devil’s Mistress.
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ISBN: 9780595603190
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