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In Bar Exam: Tavern Tales and Reflections, you will become one of the regulars at the Benbow tavern by reading fascinating dialogue between ordinary people. You know who they are and the types of problems that they bring with them to the bar. They’re just trying to resolve the mysteries of life, love and the nature of the human condition by talking with friends or strangers. Sometimes the best person to talk to is the individual who you randomly sit next to in a bar, they don’t know you so they become the purest confidant because there are no pre-determined ideas of how a situation should be resolved, handled or dealt with. You’ll discover what makes love last, how to tap into the world of abundance and how to resolve marital conflicts. Observe the trials and tribulations of a resident chauvinist and his struggles to understand the fairer sex. Reflect on the thoughts of the bar's resident philosopher and participate in the development of a budding romance. Written with humor, sensitivity and insight, readers will feel as if they want to join in each conversation and share their own insights. At the Benbow, there’s always someone willing to listen!
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ISBN: 9781440140921
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