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In January 2016, the unthinkable happens: Yet another great earthquake strikes the San Francisco area. The penal landmark in San Quentin must be abandoned, and death row inmates are moved to Folsom. Two years later, the Supreme Court rules capital punishment unconstitutional. Now, the California government must go beyond the brutal environment of Pelican Bay to manage the worst inmates. It sets its sights on the Mojave Desert.Calvin Hall, a killer, a crack addict, and one of the wildest inmates around, and Marcel Weaver, a giant of a man, are among the hardened criminals sent to a massive complex in the desert. Together, they make a pact to escape at all costs.The desert, alarms, and walls are just the beginning of their worries. There is also Dominic Silvestri, the warden, who is hell-bent on maintaining control of his facility. He has picked the best corrections officers from around the country to help him oversee the prison.Enter the world of tomorrow and discover if Calvin in Marcel find their freedom or the ultimate justice in Maximum Security: The Mojave Project.
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Maximum Security - Alan Erdman

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