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How could William Shaksper of Stratford, who was illiterate, be the author of plays that have dazzled the world for centuries? Answer: he wasn’t. His authorship is a remarkably successful hoax. It was not until 1920 that J. Thomas Looney plucked Edward de Vere out of historical obscurity and introduced him as the real Shakespeare. In the next fifty years, powerful articles and books validated his authorship claim but much of this evidence has been neglected. The first five volumes of this book series salvage this early research which makes Edward de Vere by far the likeliest candidate for being the great playwright, William Shakespeare. In Volume One, you’ll learn: ● Why Shakespeare’s breadth of knowledge and intimate familiarity with England’s Royal Court exclude Shaksper of Stratford as the true Bard; ● Why Francis Bacon is an unlikely Shakespeare authorship candidate; ● Why Edward de Vere fulfills all criteria to be the great playwright; ● And much more! Stop blindly accepting what the textbooks say. Take a logical, analytical approach to one of history’s most important questions. Start Building the Case for Edward de Vere as Shakespeare with Volume 1: The Great Shakespeare Hoax.
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