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As a young girl, Silly is set free by her innocence. Blessed with special abilities, Silly is different from the other children and relentlessly teased, but she finds spiritual refuge at a peaceful lake that overflows with life. Silly’s father often visits Lake Boa with her and takes the opportunity to teach Silly and their housekeeper, Jabez, valuable life lessons about hope, forgiveness, purpose, and destiny. But Silly soon finds she has her own purpose as God communicates through her dreams to warn human beings of their collapsing consciousness, ultimately helping unearth a priceless stone—the source of forgotten power. As her father battles illness, her dreams by the water provide Silly with inspiration and a much-needed emotional sanctuary.As Silly matures into a woman, her journey to self-realization is one filled with promise and a powerful message that will encourage everyone to look for the brightest star.
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ISBN: 9781440137839
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