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Jonathan Raven has made it his life’s ambition to build and own a place like no other, but at the beginning of the Civil War, advancing Union armies threaten his beloved two-thousand-acre plantation. Terrified to lose Raven Manor, Jonathan turns to an elderly black slave for help. Ben summons the assistance of two women who have access to the only force strong enough to save them all, but not before Jonathan is warned that he must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. The events that follow soon become part of the long-told legend of Raven Manor. Fast forward to 1996, where Dr. Lee Grant, a professor and expert on myths and legends, provides his students with the opportunity to research the legend of Raven Manor. Suddenly, they are thrust into a world of evil as the bodies of young women suddenly begin to surface, their foreheads marred by a mysterious symbol. Even as the 135-year-old plantation shines like a diamond in the warm southern sun, a wicked darkness shrouds the Manor and Dr. Grant soon discovers that Jonathan Raven and his family may have paid the ultimate price during a hasty bargain with the forces of evil.
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ISBN: 9781440134357
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