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Nine Healthy Months is the perfect sourcebook from a well-known authority on pregnancy health, Dr. Charles Hux. Dr. Hux is known to many mothers-to-be from his multiple appearances on The Learning Channel’s popular program “A Baby Story” over the last eight years. He has helped thousands of women over the last 25 years to achieve healthy and successful pregnancies.This book is designed for all women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. Dr. Hux provides the most important information about what women need to know before becoming pregnant and explains how to stay healthy during and after pregnancy. He shares his expertise in fetal care and maternal medical complications during pregnancy to ensure that expectant mothers are fully aware of how to handle these situations should they arise.All the most common questions and concerns are answered in an easy-to-understand format. This invaluable guide will be a welcome and vital informational tool for anyone who is contemplating pregnancy or has just discovered that she is expecting!
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