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Peering through the cracked windshield of his totaled Porsche, Marshall Holden scans the broken horizon, down to the surf crashing on the rocks, two thousand seven hundred and forty feet below. Marshall etherically travels across the world and through the eyes of the many people whose lives were a part of making his Porsche and the clothes he is wearing. Including the countries of the United States, Japan, South Africa, Jamaica, Cuba, India, Mexico, Congo, England, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, Egypt, China, Indonesia, and the Hawaiian Islands. Marshall encounters the experiences of a miner, a Nobel Laureate, a political activist, a doctor, Angels, Demons, a world music artist, a renown classical composer, factory worker, a fisherman, socialites, the dispossessed, native American elders, the architect of a city, a scientist, his inner child, a hula dancer, a knight, a philosopher, a monk, a prostitute, lawyer, a CEO, Moses, Mohammed, Bhudda, Jesus, and a gardener.The fate of Marshall Holden lies in a delicate balance. His meeting Krisna reveals a whole universe unfolding in his divine glance; forever changing Marshall's core being, an awakening, in a provocative experience of self realization of being inextricably linked to everything living in our global village.
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