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Women have always been underserved in the personal financial market, whether it relates to choosing mutual funds for a 401(k), 403(b), or a myriad of other financial needs. Don Gudhus has written a book that offers a step-by-step method to selecting, constructing, and maintaining an effective portfolio of stock mutual funds. Whether you're a full- or part-time professional, a stay-at-home mom, a divorcée, a widow, a pre-retiree, or already retired, Women & Mutual Funds can help you. He begins by detailing the various styles, sizes, and geographical aspects of mutual funds; provides the tools needed to confidently select appropriate mutual funds; and offers in-depth information about how to monitor a portfolio for years to come. He supplements his recommended methods with: A discussion on the importance of proper asset allocation A way to clearly measure risk tolerance Worksheets to help establish and adjust asset allocationA process to monitor, rebalance, or reallocate portfolio investmentsThe performance of a portfolio is rarely a matter of luck. Don provides valuable insight into the vast and complex array of available mutual funds, ultimately helping you decide which mutual funds are best for you.
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