From the beginning to the end, I’ve taken the profound knowledge of my generation, the world we live in, and its profane actions and created Jack Miller. Love him or hate him, we all know a Jack. We eventually figure it out as best we can. Nobody really has any more of a clue as to what’s going on than the next guy.Jack will instantly assert himself through his actions as the voice of generation-Y. A volatile cocktail of angst and confusion mixed with an overwhelming desire to succeed and to rise above his meager foundation. He is real and human, and he feels that teeter-totter of self-gratification versus the craving for something more, something real. Fraternity parties, women, booze, war, and drugs all make for one hell of a story, but empathize with him in his moments of clarity. His search for answers takes him places he may find himself unable to escape from. We just have to live in the moment. I’d be lying if I said women and drugs don’t make you feel like a Spartan warrior, but the concept of long-term really doesn’t ring true if life is so short-lived.
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