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Are you concerned for the safety and lives of your children and grandchildren?Are you aware that Red China is establishing a military dominance over America, unhindered, in cyberspace?Obama and his disarmament advisors, plus an ultraliberal Congress, along with the eager assistance of the always liberal, one-world media, have failed to inform the American citizenry of the fatal results that such a cyber war could inflict on an undefended America, and its people.This undisclosed danger is called, “ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PULSE”.EMP is the firing of a missile, armed with a nuclear warhead, five hundred miles up into the stratosphere, and then exploding it. Scientists and technicians have found such an action will generate extra strong, pulsating, gamma rays, which will completely devastate all electrical computers, and computer controlled mechanisms, in the affected earth below.Failure to warn America, and worse, our leader’s failure to defend America is as vile and traitorous an act against America, as has ever been perpetrated.This modern day cyberspace factual tale has as its two heroes, an Aerospace Engineer from Iowa, who is also a missile expert at Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain. The other is an Air Force test pilot, brilliant in all operational, airplane technology. Locating and tracking incoming enemy missiles, and finding ways to defend against them becomes their mission in life. China, secretly, launches its missiles designed to execute this EMP, cyberspace war while America is unprepared.Our heroes, using a remarkable new fighter plane, which they designed with Devine providence, prove to be the sole American defense against EMP. This factual look at China and cyberspace war is war conducted in the stratosphere, but the effects are the same. Join our heroes in their epic struggle to save America.
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