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This is not an entire book about tithing. God has more to say about finances than any other subject in the Scriptures. Most Christians only hear the sermon on tithing. There is some insight included on this subject, but I want to show you much more. I believe that God fully intends to bless us financially far more than we could ever imagine. However, we must be ready and prepared before He can bestow these blessings on us. This is why I believe He has so much to say about finances. My intention is to get you to explore God's Word and His will for YOUR life. Through prayer, counsel, and discernment you will discover what God has in store for you financially. With that being said, I also want to state in advance that this book is not an advertisement. I have no intention of selling anything to anyone, and I have tried to make sure that no company or specific product is promoted. My intentions are purely to move you to explore what God is saying to you about finances.Finally, as you will hear many times in the coming pages, there is one thing that you must come to understand and believe if you are to receive the full blessings God has in store for you. IT'S GOD'S MONEY!
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It's God's Money - David Jones

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