"The feminine spirit is rising deep in the heart of creation, to heal our battered world and bring new life." Mary Southard, CSJMuch has been written about Mary Magdalene. Her name appears over a dozen times in the four canonical gospels. Her own gospel has been discovered and translated. The Gnostic Gospels mentioned her several times. Many sculptures, paintings, plays, movies, music and poetry are based on her. The institutional church has dealt with her in many ways including sainting her, prolonging misinformation about her, discrediting her and failing to honor her rich gifts to the whole of humanity. To get a better understanding of Mary Magdalene we will review: the scripture writings – both Canonical and Gnostic Gospels; her own gospel; the concept Sacred Feminine; the myths and legends about her; art work; music, movies and plays; the misinformation about her. After this review we will examine Mary Magdalene's core beliefs. What stirred her? What moved her? What was her inner knowledge which caused her metanoia (change of heart)? What made her so important for a millennia? What was her story? What is her spirituality and what can it mean for us today?
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