Been through the Fire, but I’m Still Standing!
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Tori is a strong Christian woman whose internal struggles are not uncommon. Haunted by street life, old habits, and acts of vengeance, she has but one mission—to find a man who won’t take advantage of her. As the youngest of seven siblings, Tori has always made it a priority to take care of her family, but when Andre, her college boyfriend is caught cheating on her, Tori is devastated. After forgiving and eventually marrying him, Tori and Andre’s relationship spirals downward as his womanizing continues. When Tori finally summons the courage to leave him, she must slowly rebuild her self-esteem as she begins dating again. Desmond is a friend who is just completing a ten-year sentence for murder but, while incarcerated, has become a college graduate, prized boxer, and peer mentor. When he enters her life, Tori falls in love and must determine if Desmond really adores her or is just a fast-talker who has the best intentions for only one person in his life—himself. As Tori begins a long-awaited journey to fill her life with goodness, she learns that being true to herself and her relationship with God is the most important mission of all.
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