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Keeping Up With The Wind
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Silvy has lived the majority of her childhood based on the assumption that she and her surrogate family of friends will always be together forever. But by the time that summer rolls around, she suddenly finds her world spinning out of control as her friends slip further and further from her grasp. At the tender age of fifteen, Silvy quickly learns that a family united can easily become a family divided. Through a series of epiphanies brought on by drug use, child abuse and sexual assault, our main character finds herself no longer seeing the world through the eyes of a child, but in the light of a well lived adult. Keeping Up With The Wind follows a group of friends, who think of themselves more as family, through a tragic summer that will alter the course of their lives forever. This is the story of one teenager’s struggle for survival, and for the survival of her “security blanket” of friends, sewn together by fate and torn apart the same way.
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