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Garrett Cameron is a successful businessman who has built a solitary life—that is, unti l he receives a devastati ng phone call—his son and daughter-in-law have been in a horrible car accident. Garrett has always been busy building his fortune and, as a result, has paid the ultimate price with the loss of close relationships. As his son Jack clings to life, Garrett learns that his three young grandchildren have survived the accident, but his daughter-in-law has not. Even though her mother Meg is grief stricken, she is a pillar of strength for Garrett . As Garrett and Meg lean on each other for comfort, learns that he is battling more than just grief. Meanwhile, Garrett has his own problems. He has to face the decisions he has made throughout his life time. How much of the life he had so carefully built will he have to forsake? Will this tragedy force him to face the things he has fought all his life to avoid?
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