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In the last book of his Jewish Trilogy (JEWISH BLOOD, DESTRUCTION, THE GUILT) Edward Schwartz sheds new light on multitudes of the surrounding us world where a man is more just a physical body, but also spiritual essense.In this highly-spirited novel, through life-altering experience of the main protagonist Detective Jacob Reterseil, the author shows a reader a way to the world of eternal values, the way of searching the truth that we should be more concern with giving than receiving.When Jacob Reterseil is assigned a simple task - to sign a paper stating a natural death of an elderly rabbi, little does he realize that he will be led on a globe-wide search involving the mysteries of the Torah, the mystic traditions of the Kabbalah, and his relationship with God as well as his family. From the US to Holland, from Russia to Australia, when unexpectedly finding the love of his life, Jacob Reterseil attempts to resolve the murder cases, an art theft, and find the answers to the questions: Why was the livid spot in the shape of the Hebrew letter alef on the chest of the dead rabbi? If blood can be transfused, can a soul?Suspense, mystery, the psychology of the human need for meaning are all woven in the novel with the colorful picture of modern Jewish life.
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