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“Though I have my flaws, I know I am a good woman. I have faithfully been by Chauncey's side, despite the ups and downs of this relationship, and still, it seems no matter what I do, we keep drifting further apart. He’s different now. It’s like he doesn’t’ care about me or what happens to us. God is the only one that can save us now.” – Destiny“I doubt there's anything that can prevent this relationship from spiraling out of control. The constant fighting, mounting bills, and Destiny's insecurities are too much to handle. Even my cousin is driving me insane with his drunken rants, risky sexual conquests, and accusations. If I could walk away from it all and not look back, I would...but then again...” – Chauncey“…There’s me, watching curiously from the sidelines, anxious like a small child the night before Christmas. Hoping. Wanting. Fantasizing. This man–audacious, genuine, controversial, talented–could fill the void, the spaces I’d long forgotten existed. If only he would stop fighting in a war he could never win…” –Thai
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