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Insights and extensive evidence from a wide range of studies, including astronomy, religion, and mysticism, make the case for heaven and address the question of humanity’s ultimate destiny.“Why are we here? Where do we go when we die? What’s it like there?” We ask these questions throughout our lives here on Earth, and the search for the answers often drives our convictions and beliefs. For some people, faith is enough. Others, however, long for further proof that the stories at the foundation of our faith are verifiable by objective evidence.My Case for Heaven, by author and engineer Richard M. Bongiovanni, offers an engaging, insightful, and thorough exploration of the scientific evidence behind the histories and miracles of the Bible, the healing power of the saints, psychic phenomena, and what awaits us in the afterlife.Moving from the creation of the universe and life on Earth to angels and ghosts to, finally, our future in heaven, Bongiovanni’s extensive study casts guiding light upon not only his personal paranormal experiences but upon all of our searches for truth. For the open-minded, proof is here before us—proof that will transform our understanding of love and happiness and begin our life’s pilgrimage of faith.
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My Case for Heaven - Richard M. Bongiovanni

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