“My venture into the landscape of Buddha and heartland of Tibetan Buddhism started the summer of 1997 when I had my first (and only) experience of what I consider the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Upon recognition, the moment and the experience vanished. I have been craving to recapture it ever since.” “I think I can fairly say that my journey towards the truth began with my very first steps. Time has always been deliberated by my intention towards exactness – getting ‘it’ right so I wouldn’t fall over, ending up off track or flat on my face.” “You know and I know that we know. We just don’t know what it is exactly that we know!” “You go find what it is we are looking for. Bring it back to the others. Bring back the ‘strength’ for the rest of the family.” Following the mysterious directive from her father, her first spiritual mentor, Veda Mata sets out on an adventurous journey to Asia, searching for her inner truth and the true meaning of life. Following the footsteps of Buddha, wearing Dorothy’s (her name at the time) ruby slippers, she begins the journey in India and makes her way to the majestic Himalayas of Nepal, where Veda throws her father’s ashes over the mountain in front of Mount Everest. She pauses at the threshold of Tibet to view the calling beauty and ponder opening Buddha’s Door into the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, then returns to recount her story before she begins again to pursue her inner calling, which continues to this day. This book is a must read for anyone interested in exploring the inner and outer terrains of spiritual pursuit, as well as processing and shedding parental expectations. If nothing else, it is a delightful travel story of a determined woman venturing into the unknown territory of the East and the rest of her life.
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ISBN: 9781426977992
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