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Beyond the Cross was written by someone who knew he had something to share with the world. Beyond the Cross exposes the truth of what actually happened to Jesus after he was taken down from the cross. It begins with the life of a young boy who is ostracized by society. It follows his search for the truth and his ongoing battle with humanity's obsession with conformity and culminates in his shattering discovery of what really happened after the crucifixion.Readers beware! Some of the contents of this fact-based story may shock you. People of certain religious convictions may even find it downright unacceptable. Keep an open mind. Accept what you feel is fair and reasonable. “A breath of fresh air. Definitely twenty-first century. A new style of writing with a new message. Sad, tender, and moving.” ─J.R., The Edenburg Times “Breaking barriers. Offering a wider perspective. This book will make you think.” ─J.S., The Herald “A thought-provoking book. One which will lead you to question what you have been taught to believe.” ─P.E. Rowe, Retired Librarian
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426986055
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