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Things of Concern
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So look at the development of segmented mankind, and I do mean segmented, in that various societies have developed from physically isolated and culturally different people and therefore molded socially different people. No one person can say with impunity that they themselves are right, because you have to believe that right is relative, unless you are omnipotent and absolute and know that everything you pass judgment on is a flawed version of your own ideal. And that means all of us. So the quandary is quite real that some of the realities just don’t fit together. Rodney King said: “Can’t we all just get along,” and Ayn Rand and Andrew J. Galambos answer that unless we all agree to a structure for society which is the same for all, where we all respect each others property, both physical and intellectual, we really can’t “just get along.” We sort of used to, it sort of worked many years ago, before the globe became so much a community, when we were all physically separated, before technology put all of us easily within reach of each other and offered us force multipliers in terms of power levels and reach that we just never had before.
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Things of Concern - Joseph K. Goldstein

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