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Why I Waited is based on a true story about my commitment to remain abstinent until marriage. It gives accounts of actual incidents that challenged my desire to keep the promise that I made to God and myself. The book offers many reasons why one who is contemplating engaging in pre-marital sex should wait until marriage. It acknowledges that temptations do exist and are real, but it counters those thoughts with biblical scriptures that helps one conquer and overcome those temptations. For those who have engaged in sexual activity already, Why I Waited conveys a message of hope and recommitment. Encouragement and empowerment are the key objectives of this God-approved guide intended for young adults, but may be of use to all. It offers bible-based words of wisdom that assists in helping one make the right choices, and it also identifies important strategies that help strengthen and build a healthy self-esteem. It addresses the debilitating power of negative peer pressure and how one’s life may be destroyed as a result of succumbing to it. Why I Waited stresses a goal of sexual purity, and a reliance on God to help you achieve that goal.
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ISBN: 9781426900402
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