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Vampire in the House!
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Leo Wynn is convinced that his sister, Julie, is a vampire. Even though she was born to normal parents and looked pretty much like a normal baby (well, except for the holes in her gums connected by vein-like tubes that went straight to her stomach), Leo knew from the second he saw her that something wasn’t right. As Julie grows older, more of her unique genetic make-up becomes obvious. Her irises are non-reflective; she has a powerful bone and muscle structure, and a bigger-than-normal heart. She also hates being out in the sun and has a strange penchant for sucking on her mother or father’s neck when she’s hungry. Leo thinks they’re pretty darn lucky to live in California where people are more tolerant of those that are different—or so he thinks. Things get pretty interesting when Julie is officially diagnosed as being a vampire. Though Leo knew it all along, it’s taking everyone else some time to get used to the idea! With the scientific and medical community studying Julie, the family becomes the center of a media storm and the FBI is called in to offer protection.Leo wishes things could just go back to the way they used to be. But with everyone so interested in his sister, that’s not going to happen anytime soon…
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Vampire in the House! - Raymond Van Zleer

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