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The sound of screeching brakes, broken glass and warm blood running down her neck, the cries of an ambulance as it fades in the distance, the sensation of traveling through a wind tunnel, bright lights and Sharon awakens to find herself in heaven there she is told of the journey that she is to embark on, she is the messanger of truth and will bring all that she sees regarding heaven and eternity back to earth with her and eternity, my friend, as you are about to see is not two sided heaven or hell. You are about to take the most incredible journey of your life, you will experience Sharons' joy from the moment of her arrival when she is filled with peace and love but be aware as you decend with her through the twenty levels of heaven, you too will experience her terror at what also lies beyond the doorway into the deepest and darkest of these levels you are about to be witness to such gripping fear that it will live with you forever. The question you will have to ask yourself is "at what level will I spend my eternity?". The answer, only you and God know the truth.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426977084
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