The only disability in life is a bad attitude.There are a matrix of terms and definitions that a parents and teachers are faced with everyday. These terms can be confusing and because they appear to be medical in their design create a feeling of being not normal.We have designed this book to allow the parent, teacher and layperson to gain an understanding of the various conditions that are placed on a child.As you gain an understanding, never lose sight of the fact that we aren’t dealing with inanimate objects but children. Children who are searching for their goals and are in need of learning strategies that will take them there.We are also dealing, indirectly with parents, who love their child and want to gain understanding so that they may support them to their utmost.We are also talking about teachers, who are searching for solutions.All three groups; children, parents and teachers need to be celebrated in what they are trying to do and recognized for their achievements. It is together that we grow and together that we achieve. This book is to aid in that goal and we hope that you gain for this book the knowledge and wisdom that will allow you to continue in the search for learning.Drs. Sze & Cowden
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