Kimberly McMillan like any other teenager was enjoying life and being young but, the sudden death of her father causes her life to spiral out of control. She is rescued and falls in love with Fredrick Addison hoping he will fill the whole in her heart left by the death of her father. Fredrick a well mannered striking young man comes into her life to take away all the hurt and pain she feels in her heart. Unfortunately, Fredrick plans to be more than just friends become side tracked when he joins the Marine Corp. He leaves her to deal with the hurt all alone. Kim leaves her hometown to attend a prestigious college when she experiences yet another tragic ordeal which further diminishes her hopes of ever becoming the person she once was. Her mother and friends all try to support her yet the tragic events surrounding her life seems to swallow her whole. She finally decides to take control over her own life after vowing to never be hurt again. Her decision to take control of her own life whines up costing her more then anyone could have ever imagined.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426910135
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