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Twelve Degrees North

Length: 414 pages


12 Degrees North is an adventure novel set in the West Indies. The storyline combines the background of island history and politics interwoven with a love story. Beginning with the sparkling holiday façade of an island paradise, a father, son, and grandson, respected leaders, are gripped in a treacherous death-struggle for supremacy involving their nation which has become the target of a Cuban/Soviet takeover. A young honeymooning couple unwittingly becomes involved in a dangerous political revolution. Plunged into the world of Cuban smugglers trafficking in arms, they try to get help from the CIA but they quickly discover that no one is who they are supposed to be. Unpredictable twists and turns reveal a story rife with espionage, intrigue, and murder. Enter the beautiful, emotionally troubled Hillary Warren, a rich English heiress seeking privacy and solace to ease the pain of a failed romance. Colorful and appealing, she is wooed by Victoria Island’s Prime Minister. Chaos, manipulation, and betrayal are added to the mix. Valuable as a pawn by association, her life is threatened. In an attempt to escape assassins, she secretly flees in anonymity to Capri, Italy.

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