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Kisses from the U.S. Government
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In good times we tend to look the other way. When things are good for us personally, we disregard such things as the outrageous salaries of corporate CEOs who forget they are employees of the shareholders; the terribly complicated and confusing tax returns; the irresponsible money management of the government; high interest rates on our credit cards supposedly justified by “risk” and the compensation paid to the traders on Wall Street to move money back and forth based on perceived data and “forward looking thinking”.Those days are gone and there is a good chance they will not be back for a long time. This is a devastating time for many Americans. Two million homes foreclosed and five million currently unemployed. It’s time to take a closer look at some of these topics to see how the greed of some and their predatory lending practices have gotten us into this mess and also to ask why these things are backed and supported by the government.The American financial system continues to be a ponzi scheme operated as a fiat money system based on credit. The financial environment, including the stock market and the volatility in markets, including the numerous bubbles and recessions, are carefully orchestrated actions to pilfer money from Americans.
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Kisses from the U.S. Government - Patrick Kelly

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