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WE HAVE 70% MORE FREEDOM THAN THOSE WHO WORK FOR WAGESWE CREATED A PRINCIPALITY AND GAINED OUR OWN SOVEREIGNTYWe traded in our wage labor for a free labor non-employer business.We have a product that is intellectual, invisible, transportable, useable anywhere. It is called superior knowledge.From where we stand, if we look to the Left we see socialism – if we look to the Right we see fascism. We are standing in the middle on a pathway that leads straight ahead to the constitution. The middle is the path of patriots – the Left and Right are paths for those who would betray the constitution for all the wrong reasons.Where, when and how do you leave the Left or Right and seek the middle road? How about, when push becomes shove.National Individual Sovereignty is when one lives in one state, their business is registered in a second state, their wealth is in a third state and they earn their money in any state.International Individual Sovereignty is when you live in America, have as a minimum residency status in another country, your wealth in a third country and you earn your income any place on the globe.If things get worse it becomes your “Get out of Dodge” ticket.
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